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From: Michael Beck (beck@interaccess.ch)
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 16:21:53 EET


InterAccess Ltd. announces: STLPlus - STL-Plugins for 3DStudio-MAX

3DStudio-MAX is a powerful software package for modelling, manipulating
(Boolean-operations, 3D-editing, intersections etc.) and rendering 3D-objects.
Due to its availability on Windows NT platforms, 3DStudio-MAX is widely used
in the fields of design, animation and architecture. STLPlus allows you to
visualize and manipulate STL or TDF 3D-objects directly with the 3DStudio-MAX
package. In other words, the plugins integrate the functionality of 3DStudio-MAX
into the RAPID PROTYPING process.
The InterAccess STLPlus plugins support the binary version of the widely used
STEREOLITHOGRAPHY (STL)-format. Therefore, STLPlus may be considered as an
important tool in the RAPID PROTOTYPING process.
The Triangle Data Format (TDF) - that may also be generated with InterAccess'
PView software - represents a redundancy free alternative to the STL-format,
resulting in up to 50% DISK-SPACE SAVING! Therefore, the use of the TDF-format
is recommended if large datasets are involved.

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InterAccess Ltd.
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5000 Aarau/Switzerland

Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.
3DStudio-MAX and DXF are trademarks of Kinetix Inc.

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