Re: Spreadsheet and Word Processor for SGI

From: Guy Allen Brady (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 17:18:34 EET

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Scott "Scooter" Sutterer wrote:

> I have an expensive SGI boxes on my desks doing CAD and SL setup. Next
> to it I have a PC to do my spreadsheets and word processing. Do any of
> you out there know of any spreadsheets and or word processors for the
> SGI box.

For word processors, there is Framemaker by Adobe which works on all three
(Win, Mac, Unix) platforms identically - meaning you could transfer a
document you created on your SGI and use it on your PC without translation
or conversion (but that means two licences, which would be expensive).
This is an excellent work of software - lean, clean and amazingly
versitile. This is a real desktop publishing package, working from a
template-based environment. I use it exclusively. Even though the U
supports it on all platforms and I still bought a license myself to use at
home. A must for MSWord haters. If only Adobe made a spreadsheet...

IslandWrite is a Unix WYSIWYG word processor - don't know any thing else.

Another application suite is Applix by ? which is a
word/spreadsheet/mail/drawing/presentation package which works much like
the MS analogs - and can even import/export MS documents (Word, Excel..).
I don't know who the vendor is, though. This supposedly has it all and
then some.

Wingz is another spreadsheet program (Sun, IBM RS/6000, DEC) again, don't
know who the vendor is. Hmm...don't seem to know much of anything - sorry.

Hope that helps,

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