Plynetics conversion to Somos resin

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Hello everybody,

My name is Jos Deschagt. I'm a Sales Engineer for Symore NV in Belgium.
We are currently selling the Magics Software in Europe together with
Dupont Somos Resin.
The following press release indicates the growing interest in and
success of the new DuPont Somos 7100 resin series.

NEW CASTLE, Del., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Plynetics Express, the world's
leading supplier of stereolithography services, announced today that
eight of
their SLA machines have been converted to the DuPont "Somos" 7100 Series
family of resins. Plynetics began the conversion in June and has
installed the "Somos" 7100 Series in six of their SLA-500s, one of their
SLA-350s and one of their SLA-250s. In addition to the "Somos" 7100
Plynetics Express also has "Somos" 6110 running in three SLA-250s.
    "The conversion to the DuPont `Somos' 7100 family of resins has
in improved service to new and existing customers, providing them with
quality parts that have significant product improvements," stated Dave
Manager, Plynetics Express. "Part improvements include smoother
surfaces and vertical walls, as well as better feature resolution. The
heat deflection temperature and ability of `Somos' 7100 to operate in
low or
high humidity environments ensure that all of our locations, whether in
California or in Chicago, can continue to operate in the same way
of the season. Another factor in convincing us to switch to the `Somos'
family of resins is the rare incidence of bubbles, which tremendously
post-processing requirements."
    "DuPont `Somos' and Plynetics Express worked together during beta
to optimize operating parameters for each member of the 7100 family,
`Somos' 7100, `Somos' 7120 and `Somos' 7110. The conversion of the many
Plynetics production machines in such a short time frame is due to the
competence of their technical staff as well as the ease of use of the
photopolymer resin," stated Bronson Hokuf, Senior Systems Engineer,
    Plynetics Express was formed in August 1996 as the result of a
between three industry leaders, Plynetics, a San Leandro, California,
Prototype Express, a Schaumberg, Illinois, company; and Laserform, Inc.,
Auburn Hills, Michigan, Company. All three companies were established
in 1989
and were among the first ten providers of rapid prototyping services in
world. In addition to stereolithography, Plynetics Express offers a
range of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services, including
laser sintering, CAD database preparation, urethane parts from silicone
tooling, machined aluminum injection molds, short run injection molding,
patterns and low cost tooling for investment casting.
    DuPont "Somos" resins for stereolithography have been optimized for
ion, Helium-Cadmium, and solid-state UV laser systems, and range from
the only
available flexible resins ("Somos" 2100 Series), to general purpose
transparent acrylate resins ("Somos" 3100 Series), second generation
resins ("Somos" 6100 Series), and third generation of epoxy resins
7100 Series). DuPont (NYSE: DD) also provides powders for selective
sintering, such as the flexible elastomer powder, "Somos" 201, now
from DTM Corporation. For further information, contact DuPont "Somos"
in the
USA at 302-328-5435 or email .
    Somos is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and
SLA-250, SLA-350 and SLA-500 are trademarks of 3D Systems, Inc.
Jos Deschagt

Sales Engineer
Symore NV
Kapeldreef 60
3001 Leuven
voice: +32 16 298385
fax: +32 16 298319

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