For 1997 SLS Usergroup attendees ONLY

From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (
Date: Tue Dec 16 1997 - 15:46:19 EET

Hi to All 1997 SLS UG attendees:
As you know the officers of the SLS usergroup sent out a survey shortly
after our October meeting asking for feed back so we can improve next
years meeting. We also sent out a copy of the '97 wish list that was
generated for you to prioritize. To date we have only received 10
replies. I know we all have busy schedules and things get put off, but I
think this is extremely important feed back that will help to mold our
future meetings. So Please... Could all of you who attended, and have
not yet replied, please take a few minutes to reply to the survey? If it
has been misplaced please contact me and I will see that you get a copy.

Thanks to all



Joe DeGuglielmo Eastman Kodak Company Rapid Prototyping Center 901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14653-5315 (716)-726-7046

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