Cheap Mould Milling Setup

From: Scott Ellis (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 08:41:31 EET

I have been following the group for some time, and there have been several posts regarding 3D milling for use in rapid prototyping.
We are looking to setup a system so that we can do polyurethane castings into (probably) aluminum moulds.

>From the information that I have gathered the following is the most basic system we could get away with.

Basic level vertical Milling machine (Sherline if the job is very small)
MaxPro CNC control software from MaxNC to control the steppers on each axis.
Stepper driver cards (we have our own versions of these from other projects) & Motors
3D modeling software to create the model in the first place (We will probably use TriSpectives)
STL to NC conversion software - possibly DeskProto from Delft Spline Systems

Will this system work? Can anyone suggest better/cheaper alternatives in any of the positions?
We do not need super accurate parts.

All comments welcome.

Scott Ellis
Novatex Research

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