Volumetric 3D Display

From: MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA (KHVD07A@prodigy.com)
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 15:24:32 EET

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One of the companies that we work with has developed a volumetric 3D
display. This display is capable of displaying a 3D object (e.g. STL
file) with a resolution of 256 X 256 X 128 elements in a size of
approximately 10 " x 10" x 5". The display is limited to a monochrome
capability at the present time.

The extremely nice feature of this display is that you can walk around
the model and see it in 3D from essentially any angle.

My question is, is this type of volumetric display of potential interest
to any (many) of the participants on this list?

Al Hastbacka

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