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From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 13:33:36 EET

Scott Ellis wrote:
> I have been following the group for some time, and there have been several
> posts regarding 3D milling for use in rapid prototyping.
> We are looking to setup a system so that we can do polyurethane castings
> into (probably) aluminum moulds.

I would suggest that you machine a pattern in Ren Shape, make a Silcon
mold and cast the urethane parts in it.

> >From the information that I have gathered the following is the most basic
> system we could get away with.
> Basic level vertical Milling machine (Sherline if the job is very small)
> MaxPro CNC control software from MaxNC to control the steppers on each axis.
> Stepper driver cards (we have our own versions of these from other projects)
> & Motors

You should look at the Taig Mill, it is a heavier machine than the

> 3D modeling software to create the model in the first place (We will probably
> use TriSpectives)

RhinoŽ, NURBS curve, surface, and solid modeling in Windows

> STL to NC conversion software - possibly DeskProto from Delft Spline Systems
> Will this system work? Can anyone suggest better/cheaper alternatives in any
> of the positions?
> We do not need super accurate parts.
> All comments welcome.
> Scott Ellis
> Novatex Research

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