Spectra Physics Solid State laser

From: Johnny Geling (johnny@materialise.be)
Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 13:17:41 EET


We use the same solid state laser in our own setup. Therefor I know that the laser power is dependent of the diode current, diode temperature and repetition rate. Every laser has his own optimum. We use our laser at 20 kHz and change the diode current to get the required power. The temperature is fixed.

Beside these parameters the laser power is also being influence by the optical components. Also the optical components in the laserhead. It can get dirty and then the power drops and the spot changes.

A solid state laser is not as easy in use as was suspected and promised by the laser manufactures. There are application in which the pulse rate is to low. That's when the writing speed is really high (around 5000 mm/s)

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