new year's resolution

From: Will Pattison (
Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 17:55:38 EET

since i'm not important enough to rate a press release, i thought i
would take the liberty of letting you all know that as of 12/31/97, i
will no longer be with the dtm corporation. coming to dtm was part of
a plan to prepare myself to reach some specific career goals, and it
has been the best kind of education. now it's time to move on to the
next chapter. i have met and worked with some very capable people
during the last 22 months, many of whom will be receiving this
message. as rapid product development itself is a relatively small
industry, i hope to continue those relationships. my new position as
a mechanical design engineer with a small company here in austin will
open up even more opportunities. who knows, i may even be one of your
customers someday....

if i can be of any service to you or your company after 1/1/98, please
feel free to contact me at:

4th dimension design company
13091 pond springs rd.
suite 300
austin, tx 78729

fone- 512-918-2122

or visit us at our web site-

wishing you a merry christmas and a new year as bright as mine is
going to be,

will pattison
applications manager,
dtm corporation

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