Re: Volumetric 3D Display

From: Justin R. Kidder (
Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 19:18:37 EET

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, michael rees wrote:

> Dear Mr. Hatbacka,
> I am very interested in such a display.
> I wonder what 256 x 256 x 128 elements means? Are elements pixels?

I don't know too much more about this machine, except that there is a lot
of work going on in this area. The Media Lab at MIT is developing one, I
believe, and there is (or was) one being developed at the Naval Research
Lab in San Diego. As for the elements, they are most probably voxels
(volume element) instead of pixels (picture elements)--a cube instead of a
square, but probably not isotropic. They are used a lot in medical
imaging, in volume rendering and in certain PC games too...

hope this helps some,
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