Beijing 1998 RP & M Conference again

From: Jack Feng (
Date: Fri Dec 19 1997 - 17:21:13 EET

Dear Colleagues:

Due to upgrading of our wiring system and the server in the past couple of
days, you might occasionally have problems to view the web site of the
conference. But the system is in full operation now. Sorry for any
inconvenience this has brought to you and thank you for your patience.

Again, the URL of the conference is:

Prof. Yan Yongnian at Tsinghua University of Beijing is the contact person,
and hiscommunications are attached in the end of the web site of the
conference. For your convenience, I am enclosing his e-mail address here: (Yongnian Yan)

Thanks again for your attention,

Jack Feng

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