RE: Question regarding mail postings....

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Fri Dec 19 1997 - 18:48:00 EET

Why is this bad ??? I see it as a research tool that I can look to see
if a problem has come
up in the past. What you are probably seeing are archives of the
mailing list when you do a
search - I don't think they are floating around - Just on a server

Todd Stahlhut
From: Barney Sing
Subject: Question regarding mail postings....
Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 11:00AM

How long are the "postings" we make visible on the WEB??

I was doing a search for information relative to my name and noticed
quite a few postings I had send 6-8 months ago....

Seeing these old postings, I did searches on the other RP subcribers
names or listings and also found postings that was very old.

I know this may not be so RP related... but there is a general concern
for the information that stays "floating" on the Internet that is
visible under "our" names...
barney sing -- global tool and engineering

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