Benchmarking mold!

From: Mr A Dwarkanath (
Date: Sat Dec 20 1997 - 19:07:10 EET

 Dear rp community,

 Often have i heard of a benchmark part , but could there be something
 called a benchmark mold?!
 please forgive my ignorance, in case it seems as if i've shamefully
 indulged in the same!!
 Actually i am desperately looking for a benchmark mold for my EOS S700
 sand sintering machine which uses the direct croning process to build
 sand molds and would soon be launching on an experiment to study the
 machine characteristics .

 i would require the sand mold to to be small in size and the mold
 should also facilitate the growth of supports at various points.
 The mold should include various features, typical of a sand
 casting part .
 Please let me know if any of you would be aware of any ftp site or some
 other source for the mold . if any of you could facilitate me with one,
 i'd be more than grateful .
 I'd also like to hear from the EOS and SLS users as to how they ever
 went about studying their machine characteristics as far as producing
 sand molds is concerned.

 how did their experiments look like?
 any suggestions or advise on the same is welcome.
 there is very little mention and discussion of the sand sintering process
 on the mailing list and as a consequence i feel terribly lonely with such
 an experiment in the offing!!

 so please help SOS.
 Thanx in advance and wish you all a verry verry Merry Christmas!


Anand Dwarkanath
Project Engineer
Warwick Manufacturing Group
University of Warwick, UK

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