Rhino reviews or case studies

From: Marshall Burns (marshall@ennex.com)
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 10:08:02 EET

    Our team of five part-time engineers is thinking about standarizing
on Rhino as the CAD system for our current project. But the chief
engineer, who has his own Pro/E seat, is uncertain that Rhino will do
everything we need. He has asked if we can get some technical reviews of
how Rhino has served in other projects like ours. If anyone can share
their own experiences with Rhino, good or bad, or refer us to where we
can find reviews or case studies, we would appreciate it.

    Our application is an electromechanical device, including functional
subsystems as well as frame and cover, so reviews related to such
applications would be most helpful.

    Thanks for your help.

    For anyone getting this message who is not familiar with Rhino, we
are pretty impressed from what we know so far. Take a look at

Best Regards,
Marshall Burns

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