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From: Kilburg, Larry N. (LNK) (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 16:37:24 EET

As CADD Administrator and designer here at Elkay, I am constantly amazed
at the inability of non-engineering types to visualize spatial concepts.
And I am even more surprised that when we drag them in front of a tube
that they still have difficulty understanding what I have rendered and
rotating before their eyes. The Engineering Manager has even suggested
investigating holography to assist in communicating designs. 3D
displays have always been an interest but I have not heard of any
commercial applications as yet. A "volumetric" display is absolutely of

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> One of the companies that we work with has developed a volumetric 3D
> display. This display is capable of displaying a 3D object (e.g. STL
> file) with a resolution of 256 X 256 X 128 elements in a size of
> approximately 10 " x 10" x 5". The display is limited to a monochrome
> capability at the present time.
> The extremely nice feature of this display is that you can walk around
> the model and see it in 3D from essentially any angle.
> My question is, is this type of volumetric display of potential
> interest
> to any (many) of the participants on this list?
> Regards,
> Al Hastbacka

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