RE: Volumetric 3D Display

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 17:28:00 EET

>From: Kilburg, Larry N. (LNK)
>As CADD Administrator and designer here at Elkay, I am constantly amazed
>at the inability of non-engineering types to visualize spatial concepts.
>And I am even more surprised that when we drag them in front of a tube
>that they still have difficulty understanding what I have rendered and
>rotating before their eyes.

First, let me state that I am an engineer and I can think/visualize in
3D. The comment above struck me funny as I am constantly amazed at the
difficulty I have at visualizing financial concepts. Many of these
non-engineering types are probably constantly amazed by this. My point
is that ones capability to visualize certain things depends on your
training, background, and interests. I agree with you fully that any
tool that helps 'outsiders' understand is a good one. Isn't that why we
all have jobs in RP - if everyone grasped what was on the screen, you
wouldn't need a prototype....

Regards, Todd Stahlhut

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