Re: Rhino reviews or case studies

From: michael rees (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 17:49:59 EET

Dear Marshall,

I've reviewed Rhino and learned it a bit. It seems very promising
especially considering that it is currently free in it beta version. It
is also inexpensive at $795.

But Marshall, Why not carefully compare Rhino to FORM Z? I think you
will find without doubt that FORM Z is far and away the better
product.Form Z has levels of control that Rhino cannot match. Also it
has been a working product for some 6 years now, as opposed to a beta

Firstly, you can get a full photo resolution engine with FORM Z. They
also have an additional rendering module for radiosity. These features
are not available for Rhino. Form Z has open GL. And it has significant
speed advantages over Rhino.

Add to this that Formz is implementing the Acis Kernel in their
exisiting proprietary modeling engine in the upcoming version 3.0. Acis
will mean seamless translation of models between some 400 programs based
upon Acis. Along with Acis will come full parametrics and associativity
between the drafting and modeling environment. Form Z already has
parametric capabilities for some of its features. It can also add draft
angles to models, has a shelling feature, etc.,.

Form Z is a surface/solids hybrid modeler. It has all of the basic
features you would expect from an excellent modeler plus goodies such as
skinning, metaforms, and shaped displacement shading(this allows you to
add textures to your models derived from bitmapped images).

Form Z is available for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows NT alpha, and
Macintosh operating environments.

As you may know, I am a formz reseller. For further information, you can
contact me. To download a demo version (save disabled) go to their web
site at <> or visit their web
site at <>.


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