Material for milling big products

From: Jan Willem Gunnink (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 17:41:47 EET

Dear RP-world,

At the moment we have some projects running for which we need to mill
rather big models (L: 1300 mm W: 800 mm H: 25 mm). At the moment we
are using OBOmodulan 302 for it. Really nice stuff to mill
(feedrates: 24 m/min, Tool diam: 10 mm, n=30.000 omw/min) but also
rather expensive. Is there anybody out there who knows some materials
which are cheeper than the stuff we use ? For the record stuff like
Polystyreen like for Lost Foam or the packing industry is not dense
enough because of the break out of the little foam bubbles.

I hope to hear anything from anybody !!!! (i like to beat my
collegeaus with their LOM 2030H)

All the best for the next year and Merry Christmas !

Jan Willem Gunnink

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