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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 21:35:10 EET


We use both Renshape from Ciba and Rayite 100 (a machineable plaster)
from U.S. Gypsum. The latter comes in powder form and is mixed with
water and poured into a mold. It's much easier on cutters and it comes
out about half the cost of Renshape, but isn't as good for machining
small details. We use it mainly for large contoured molds that don't
have many sharp edges.


Jan Willem Gunnink wrote:

> Dear RP-world,
> At the moment we have some projects running for which we need to mill
> rather big models (L: 1300 mm W: 800 mm H: 25 mm). At the moment we
> are using OBOmodulan 302 for it. Really nice stuff to mill
> (feedrates: 24 m/min, Tool diam: 10 mm, n=30.000 omw/min) but also
> rather expensive. Is there anybody out there who knows some materials
> which are cheeper than the stuff we use ? For the record stuff like
> Polystyreen like for Lost Foam or the packing industry is not dense
> enough because of the break out of the little foam bubbles.
> I hope to hear anything from anybody !!!! (i like to beat my
> collegeaus with their LOM 2030H)
> All the best for the next year and Merry Christmas !
> Jan Willem Gunnink

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