Laptop conclusions

From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Tue Dec 23 1997 - 18:28:23 EET

I understand that many of you also want to quickly render STL files using a
laptop computer. The following is a summary of the messages I received in
response to my earlier posting:

1) Paul Brennanare explained that many laptops can drive an OpenGL card,
but the screens are
not up to refreshing that fast. The rendering speed is a limitation of the
screen (both LCD and TFT), meaning that they cannot switch that fast.

2) John Combs said that all notebooks/laptops on the market have integrated
un-upgradeable graphics accelerators. He said that there are notebooks
with 4 Mb, 64-bit graphics accelerators and 2 Mb, 128-bit graphics

3) Steve Duhamel's company also needed a fast laptop to take on the road,
so they turned to a company named NIMANTICS in Sky Park Circle (near John
Wayne Airport) in Costa Mesa, California, phone 800-646-5005. According to
Steve, they will build whatever you need.

If anyone has solved this "fast rendering-on-the-road" problem, let me

Once again, happy holidays to everyone!

Terry Wohlers

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