Re: Material for milling big products

From: smit, a. de (
Date: Wed Dec 24 1997 - 14:04:10 EET

Delft Spline Systems wrote:

> The same PUR foam can be bought from isolation-foam suppliers,
> at a much lower price than from the model-foam suppliers. However do
> take care that you get foam with small bubbles only.
> Lex Lennings.

Hi Jan Willem,

In addition to the information that Lex gave i can tell you that we at
the Delft University of Technology have used this light isolation foam
(density up to 120) since a long time to mill models for our students,
taking part in a surface modelling course. The cost of the material is
about 20 to 30 percent of the OBOmodulan stuff.
Results can be good, depending on the requirements you have to meet.
As you seem to work around the corner here in Delft, maybe you would
like to drop in some time and have a look on the models we produce.

>From a Holland that even starts to get foggy at this moment:
Best wishes to all prototypers around the world, 'lets make things

Bram de Smit

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