Acquisition model

From: Peter S. Rourke (
Date: Sun Dec 28 1997 - 05:35:56 EET

As part of my thesis work I have created a mathematical model that aids
in the rp capacity acquisition decision process. This is not a system
selector (from which I was dissuaded early on by many on the rp-ml).
The modeler enters variable information concerning the rp technologies
they have selected, markets they wish to enter etc. The model then
maximizes for revenues.
I will sent anyone interested an abbreviated version of the work (around
50 pages or so MSword 7.0) if you will send me a message requesting it.
If you please, briefly let me know your interest, i.e: grad research,
just curious, intrigued by approach, etc.
Thanks for all that helped. There are many truly thoughtful and
considerate people on this list.


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