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Date: Wed Dec 31 1997 - 09:02:10 EET

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Subject: information required

Dear RP world:

  I want to apply for a fund to support my research on RP&M,Rapid Tooling from
SINO-Petro-chemical Company.Now I am at the stage of composing a application.
But I am in the shortage of some background materials to enforce the
application. Especially the materials like but not limited to:
1. How can RP&M be related to petro-chemical technology?
2. If you have any puzzled feelings about RP&M,please tell me.
3.What we can do to promote the development of RP&M and transfer it to
manufacturing industry and plastic industry?
4.What is the greatest fascination of RP&M?
5. The newest development of RP&M in the field of technology,material and
I want ro express my thanks in advance to those who have any ideas about these
problems and send it to me.


Jiao xiangdong
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