Suggestions for purchasing LOM?

From: Rajeev Garg (rgarg@sut1661.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 31 1997 - 21:14:02 EET

Hi Everybody,

We are looking to buy a LOM system for fabricating CERAMIC green bodies. I will
really appreciate any suggestions on which system to buy and what are the
relative merits of various systems offered by Helisy's.

We are a university research and so we really don't care about the size but we
do care about the resolution so we will like the low beam diameter system.

Especially, people working on ceramic LOM system, please fill in with your
sugeestions as what issues to keep in mind before deciding on the system.

Thanks in advance.

Wishing the RP community a Happy and Prosperous new year.

Rajeev Garg

Rajeev Garg

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