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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 12:00:46 EET

Dear Raymond,

     This field has been growing wildly for the last several years. There
are probably hundreds of universities with research programs in it in just
the two countries you mentioned. The most well known programs are probably,
in no particular order:
        Clemson University, Elaine Hunt et al.
        University of Dayton, Alan Lightman at al.
        University of Texas at Austin, Joe Beaman et al.
        University of Nottingham, (Phil Dickens used to be there)
        MIT, Elly Sachs et al.
        University of Louisville, Tim Gornet at al.

Best Regards,
Marshall Burns

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Raymond Ong wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I am raymond , from Singapore. I would like to take my
> postgraduate studies in either United Kingdom or States.
> Do anyone know any particular University that is well
> Known or famous in research at Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Tooling?
> Please give me some advise. Thank you.
> Raymond


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