Rapid Tooling

From: John Beilman (jbeilman@bausch.com)
Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 22:24:48 EET

     Any input on a suggested method of rapid tooling (inj. molds)that
     would satisfy the following needs would be appreciated. This tooling
     would be for sunglass frames. The lens grooves would be created by
     handloaded inserts.
     I have succesfully used aluminum tooling that has been CNC-ed but I
     would be interested in something with a shorter lead time. I do know
     about Keltool and Simeon Bojilov's powdered metal process.
     Rapid Tooling Requirements (in order of importance):
     -able to last for 1000 shots using Nylon
     -conducive to free-form parting lines (non-planar)
     -available in 5 weeks or less
     -able to have inserts, cores and ejector pins added easily
     All responses, suggestions will be appreciated
     John Beilman
     Product Development Eng.
     Mold Design
     Bausch & Lomb Eyewear

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