Info on epoxy tooling

From: John German (
Date: Thu Jan 08 1998 - 21:32:37 EET

I have had several inquiries about our Epoxy tooling process. I have tried
to send some of this information to individuals, however, the return path of
the email message was incompatible with my server. So, I am sending this
information over the mail list, for those who are interested in the
limitations of our process.

As far as part size, Our biggest machine that we have 'In House' is a 400
ton press, which has a maximum shot size of ~42 cu. in.

Part dimensions shouldn't exceed 14" x 18" and around 10 inches in depth.

However, on rare occasions, we have built tools much bigger than that, we
just had to run the mold at an outside source. Which causes the part prices
to be a bit higher.

You can read more at our website at:

We do have a brochure, however everything that is on the webstite is stuff
that I took out of the brochure anyway.

hope this helps and if anyone wishes for us to quote you on anything, feel
free to send us a print or STL file, either by mail, email, or follow the
FTP directions on the website.

thanks in advance,


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