Stratasys' QuickSlice & NeTpower (MIPS) Workstations

Date: Fri Jan 09 1998 - 22:04:23 EET


      I've only been subscribed to this exploder for a couple of days so I
     apologize if this question has been asked before.

      Is anyone successfully using a NeTpower (MIPS based CPU, not Intel)
     workstation with Stratasys' QuickSlice (specifically 5.0) software? We
     recently purchased a Stratasys FDM-2000 and would like to use a
     NeTpower workstation as it's controller/server. This workstation would
     be used to create .stl files from Pro/E and then convert them with
     QuickSlice. According to Stratasys' "Workstation Requirements"
     document for
     QuickSlice 5.0, only Intel based processors are supported under
     Windows NT.
     I spoke with our regional AE from Stratasys and he believed we would
     able to run the software and suggested that I try loading and running
     Before I go to that extent I wanted to see if anyone else was doing

      Another caveat is that Windows NT 3.51 is the last supported
     system for this particular workstation and future versions of
     (beyond 5.0 from what I'm told) will require a minimum of Windows NT
     Nevertheless we'd like to put this workstation to use now and upgrade
     to a
     new workstation in the future (if needed).

      Also, are the messages sent to this exploder archived anywhere? Is
     there a


     Dustin Neifer
     Mechanical Specialist
     Amway Corporation
     Water Treatment R & D
     Ada, MI

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