Rapid Tooling in USA and Japan

From: Fundacio ASCAMM - Dept. Enginyeria (materials@ascamm.es)
Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 15:15:46 EET

Hello everybody,

We are located in Spain (in Europe, if you prefer) and we are interested to
know more about the Rapid Tooling services avalaible in USA and Japan at
statistical level, specially to obtain injection plastic parts.
That means technologies used, delivery times, number of parts you can make,
prizes .. but with a global feeling.

I would be happy if someone gives me whatever little reference.


                                John C. Marin
                                ASCAMM Tec. Dep.
Juan Carlos Marín
Dep. Enginyeria
Fundació ASCAMM Centre Tecnològic
Tel:+34 3 5800426
FAX:+34 3 5801102

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