Rapid tooling options

From: Phil Orenstein (aporenstein@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Mon Jan 12 1998 - 08:36:19 EET

The company that I work for is seeking to utilize some new rapid tooling
technologies to speed up our tooling fabrication time. We produce many
machined aluminum injection molds for styrene, ABS, NAS etc plastic
parts. I would be most grateful if anyone could share their experience
with one of the following processes, with regard to the dimensional
accuracy of the tool, tool life (# of parts it can produce), shrinkage,
heat transference, cost and so forth:

1. Nickel Shell Tooling
2. DTM's RapidTool (for small inserts)
3. Spray Metal Tooling
4. Cast Kirksite
5. Investment cast mold inserts

I am currently researching the above processes to be used as an
alternative to machined aluminum for complex mold inserts, cores and

Thanks for your help,

Phil Orenstein
P.O.P. Displays Inc.

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