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This depends on how much data you want out of the file. The STL file itself
consists of triangles. SO it is an approximation of the original with plane
facets. If you were to use "center of the triangles" you essentially have 1/3
the number of data points. If you save the normal you can recreate the plane of
the triangle (not the triangle itself) since a point and normal is enough to
define a plane. Again depending on what you want to do with it - if you are
going to put it in a program to recreate the "free form surface" of the
original from the point cloud data, you are better of with all three vertices
(although STL file does not take care of redundancy i.e. if a vertex is shared
by 5 triangles that vertex is in the file 5 times), Any more points within the
triangle will be an overkill - three points are sufficient to define a

Hoep this answers what your question !! If you describe the goal of your
project we will have better understanding and hopefully can give you better

On Jan 13, 9:50am, Delft Spline Systems wrote:
> Subject: Re: Point Cloud Info Needed
> >When creating a point cloud file from a STL file, are the points the center
> >the triangles or the three coordinates ?
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> >Ingrid Timmel
> >Fisher Price
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> Basically you are of course absolutely free to create any type of point
> cloud file from your STL: it may even contain many points on the
> surface of each separate triangle to have a sufficiently dense point cloud.
> In case the density is no problem, than the best apporoximation
> of the original CAD model is given by the three vertices of every
> triangle (of course three coordinates per vertex). These points are
> on the original CAD-surface, while the flat triangle inbetween is just
> an approximation.
> Hope this answers your question.
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