July 1998 Beijing RPM Conference Paper Abstracts

From: Jack Feng (cjf7@psu.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 13 1998 - 16:16:13 EET

Hi, Everyone,

Happy new year.

During my vacation, I received a lot of inquerries about where, how and who
to submit the paper abstract to regarding the July 1998 Beijing (China) RPM
Conference. I would have to collectively reply to these interested friends
since there are so many e-mails and asking for a common question. Please
accept my apologies for not being able to reply you earlier and
individually, and for those who are not interested in this message.

The paper abstract should go to

Professor Yongnian YAN
Director, Center for Laser Forming
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China

via either e-mail, or fax, or mail. The fax number and e-mail address are:

Fax: 86-10-6278-5718
E-mail: dmeyyn@tsinghua.edu.cn (Yongnian Yan)

Please indicate whether you will attend the meeting or not. The conference
will help you reserve hotels in Beijing if needed, but plesae indicate
either way when you submit your abstract. Currently, we have received an
equal number of paper abstracts from abroad and from China.

There is no specific format requirements for the abstract as long as it is
about one page length, but upon receiving the abstract, Prof. Yan's office
would send you a package detailing the format of the camera-ready paper and
other related information.

Again, please visit the following conference web site for the deadlines,
registration fee, programs, etc.


You are welcome to direct your further inquerries to Prof. Yan or myself.

Thanks for your interests in this conference, and I look forward to meeting
you in Beijing on July 21-23 of this year if you plan to attend the

Jack Feng

Penn State Berks
e-mail: cjf7@psu.edu

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