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From: Darius Daruwala (
Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 19:26:03 EET

Dear All,

Here's the process used by Perfection Finishers for coating RP parts:

- The part is thoroughly cleaned.
- A base coat of urethane-type material (1 to 1.5 mil) is applied on the
part. This is done by baking the urethane onto the part for 2 hrs. at 150
degrees F.
- In a vacuum chamber, vapourized aluminum (about 1000 A) is deposited on
the part/s.
- A top coat of urethane (0.5 to 1 mil) is again baked on the part for an
hour at 150 degrees F.
- This top coat gives a chrome finish. The top coat could be dyed
further to give the part either a gold or brass look.

Hope this helps.


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