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Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 21:05:24 EET

The Rapid Prototyping Association and The Plastics Molders &
Manufacturers Association of SME announce the first of its kind event,
1-2, 1998 at the Somerset Inn in Troy, MI.
Register Now for the two day multi-speaker event that will provide an
overview of reverse engineering with specific information for deciding
which technology fits your application.
* If you have an old product and no CAD exists and you need to make
design changes, or you just need a new die, you need to learn what
reverse engineering options fit your application.
* If you want to really check out your competition find out how other
companies are using scanning to create FEA models of competitive parts.
* If you are a rapid prototyper learn how rapid tooling can be done from
reverse extraction and how fast your development cycle really can be !
During these two days, presentations will take you through the steps:
You will hear case studies from many different manufacturing areas,
presentations on all types of scanning, and discussions about which
applications fit which technologies.

We are pleased to offer multi-speaker presentations from the following:
Jim Rollins, Scientific Measurement Systems
Steve Gaspardo, Gaspardo and Associates
Todd Grimm, Accelerated Technologies Inc.
Bill Bellows, Woodward Govenor
Tadd Fox Imageware
Jim Williams, Paramount
Art Anderson, Display Engineering
Todd Ray, Compression
Mark Smith, Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.
Gary Jurick, Rousch
Bill Rucker, Tracom
C. Martin Schuster, Laser Design
Mark Blieke, Materialise
David Bassett, Scansite 3D Services
(If you feel that you could be a valuable part of this list of expert
presenters, please contact me about being added).

For registration information, a complete brochure, or if you have any
questions please email:
or contact me directly:

K. Leeann Starr Lane
Technical Program Administrator
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
One SME Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48121
(313)271-1500, ext.367

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