Re: Summary of Machine Rates

From: Jim Paravantes (
Date: Thu Jan 15 1998 - 05:39:39 EET

Hello all:

Great information from Terry Wohlers on machine rates across the U.S.
Reading his findings brought back memories. In 1998 STL parts regardless of
part volume were 2-5 thousand dollars. Quite a difference from today's
pricing. To all of those who are concerned about the erosion of part
pricing, consider this. The parts fabricated on these magic machines can now
command 15 to 20 thousand dollars if used in conjunction with fabricating
prototype tooling. I see it each and every day. Companies that started up in
1988 generated a wonderful revenue selling parts. Those who integrated RP
into tooling solutions are enjoying great revenues today. It should be
immaterial to the customer how the service provider produced his or her
mold. This industry and the application uses are evolving and it takes just
as much creativity, talent and vision as it did in it's inception. I cannot
recall but a handful of early adopters who got into this business and

Terry thank you for the great information.

All the best,

Jim Paravantes

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