Somos 7120 resin vs. SL5195

From: Monica Whiteside (
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 03:25:03 EET

Dear RP-MLer's:

What are your thoughts on the Dupont Somos 7120 resin and how does it stack
up when compared to Ciba's SL 5195? According to Dupont's salespeople their
resin has a faster build speed, higher "green" strength (apparently you can
also thermally cure their resin for slightly higher strength but this
increases brittleness), supports are easier to remove, better side and
bottom facing surface finishes, humidity resistant, increased heat
deflection temperature, and "wider" processing latitudes, i.e. their resin
is less "sensitive" to parameter changes and therefore should have fewer
build failures than the SL 5195 resin.

Also, has anybody experienced any shelf life problems with SL 5195 resin?
The spec sheet says it's 6 months but 3D Field Engineers say 1 year, if in
a sealed container, should be no problem.

Also, if "old" resin is accidentally is used, how does it affect the build
and/or model appearance?

Any information on these questions would be extremely helpful.

Thanks much,

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft Company

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