RE: RP Stock Prices

Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 12:00:14 EET

   Hi RP world

   I agree with Bob. RP is no more an experiment. This is, as far I can
   see, a mature market with his own up and down.
   I'm following RP since 94' and I have to say that two or three years ago
   RP was an esoteric field almost. And this
   mean that the price for RP machines were also esoteric too. But we all
   know the word progress and this mean
   bigger competition, better products, and lower prices - in this order.
   So it is not a surprise this stock downhilling.
   The vendors must sell more for less and this is a very happy situation
   for users, and I'm very satisfied. But is vice
   versa for vendors and resellers.
   We use to say; each one has to carry his own crucifix.

   In the long term my modest prediction could be summarized in stocks up,
   prices down, quality up.

   Dorjano Baruca
   Technical Manager - CAD

   SRC Computers, Ltd.
   Trzaska 116, p.p. 2988
   1001, Ljubljana

>The service bureaus and in-house manufacturing shops worldwide are doing
pretty well, for the most part. With experience they gain efficiencies,
and the utilization rates for the >installed RP base may be going up faster
than Terry expected. This would yield fewer current sales for new systems.
And, "conventional" CNC capabilities have increased so >much in the past 5
years that CNC now does stuff that RP people used to say couldn't be done
by CNC at a competitive cost. If these two factors are a major part of the
reason >for lower than expected sales and lower margins, things will
improve. However -- RP is no longer a grand experiment. It is part of a
mature decision making process for >manufacturers around the globe.
>Bob Crangle

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