High Temp Urethane

From: MET-L-FLO INC. (metlflo@mw.sisna.com)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 17:22:41 EET

To the inquiring party, (sorry my server ate your e-mail)

In regards to the question of the Aluminum Powder used as a filler for
elevating the HDT and the saftey hazard:

"Aluminum dust may be ignited by static discharge and burn at extreemely
high temperatures. In bulk form, it is ignitable only with difficulty:
however, opnce suspended in a dust-laden air cloud, is ignitable and

With this in mind, I highly reccommend using a filtered dust collection
hood (as with all fillers) and regularly changing the filters. We
reccommend mixing batches of material to reduce the riskof explosion and
also air contamination. (Mix before use)

I hope this answers your question.


Carl K. Dekker

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