Point Cloud to STL or SOLID

From: Monica Whiteside (SiderWhite@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 05:52:59 EET

Dear RP-MLer's:

We have some reverse engineering applications where we need to go from
point cloud
generated STL files (from Imageware) to either a Solid model or to an
enclosed volume (preferably a solid). Does anyone have something in
development that might work?

Also, what's the feasibility in going directly to a solid from a point
cloud file?

I understand I can go from STL to IGES and then bring an IGES surfaced file
in to create a solid model but I was hoping for a quicker conversion with
fewer steps.

Thanks much,

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft Company
E-mail: siderwhite@worldnet.att.net

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