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Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 15:22:36 EET


Are you running with a Zephyer blade or doctor blade?
When removing the supports, are you seeing any chipping
of the part? Is your finishing time faster or about the same?
Are the parts easy to repair or peice together and which resin
do you use for that?

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On Mon, 19 Jan 1998 11:52:45 -0500 Bruce Okkema <>
>To all SLA users,
>There have been a number of testimonies and questions about the SOMOS
>resins and I wish to add our experience to the discussion.
>In the ever changing stereolithography community involving lower
>pricing =
>and increased competition we have to find ways to produce the same =
>quality for less money. Provided quality and stability can be =
>maintained, build time is the most significant issue for us. =20
>SOMOS 7100 resin is part of the answer for us. Build time and =
>specifically drawing time has been reduced by 35% to 45%.
>Repeatability =
>and accuracy is fully as good as 5180. Part clearity and side wall =
>finish is improved. Stability is good and part curl is negligible. =
>Thermal post curing brings the heat deflection temperature to 215 deg.
>Fahrenheit which makes it nice for injection mold applications.
>Support =
>removal is superior. Bronson, Suresh, Dwight and the DuPont =
>organization couldn't be more helpful. =20
>Negatives: the resin is thicker than 5180, and you will have to
>readjust =
>your shrinkage factors to get them where you like, but overall our
>team =
>@ Eagle loves SOMOS7100!!
>Bruce Okkema
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>2437 84th Ave Fx: 616-748-1032
>Zeeland, MI 49464 E-mail:
>USA Web:
> =20

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