3-5K printer

From: michael rees (zedand00@sound.net)
Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 22:59:09 EET

Dear List,

Its here. Did anyone expect it so quickly? I am sure that there are
plenty of bugs to be worked out, precision, software, etc.,. Clearly
epson is thinking of the popular market. 3D faxing and on and on.
Hurrah! I'm just sad it was epson that did it instead of the RP
innovators. Its the rp industry that deserves the credit, and the

So how long is it going to take for a full photo-resolution color
product? Lets call for this as quickly as the inexpensive modeler.

Have you noticed that when vieweing a complicated monochrome part that
non experts can't see all the features? When was the last time you
watched a black and white TV (at least its got multiple tones)? shot
black and white video? black and white film? Color is an essential
character in the communication of 3 dimensional form. RP is a
communication industry.

Its my soap box (my $2) but, while the industry ran towards expensive
industry specific solutions, a non industrial application was born and
will make tremendous profit.

Won't you join me in my chant "COLOR COLOR COLOR"-full photo-resolution
color that is.


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