RP techniques cooperation problem

From: Wei Feng (wfeng@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 03:33:44 EET

We've two SLA machines(250/40 and 250/50), one SLS machine
and one Sander ModelMaker MM6PRO in our lab. We've done lots
of researches on them. It sounds good. But I don't think
we've coordinated these researches properly. As I know, there
are some other research labs and service bureaus who have also
several different RP systems or research projects. I'm wondering
how you coordinate these projects/systems(software, materials
machines and tooling).

There is a successful example of the cooperation of different
RP techniques: the Center of Laser Rapid Forming(Tsinghua
University, Beijing, China) has developed a multi-functional
RP system, which has LOM, SLS and FDM processes on one machine.
Does anyone else have this kind of approaches?


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