Re: Some problems on Sander's ModelMaker MM6PRO

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Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 13:53:59 EET

 Dear Wei Feng

It shouldn't be a problem to get the connector back in to the heated
line as long as:
1. The interior tefflon tube of the heated-line fits well the interior
of the connector (make sure it 's clean inside because if it got cold
the wax solidifies and stucks inside):
2. The exterior small tube fits perfectely both connector and heated
The real problems arise if you take the connector out from the
print-head without being careful not damaging the interior thread,
because then you'll never get it back there. So be careful when you
reconnect the new heated line.

Concerning the other questions, MM6PRO works well if you keep it running
job after job. We had some trouble over here, because we stopped the
machine over Christmas. For some kind of reason the machine is a
"workaholic" - keep it running!



> I'm working on a Sander's Machine - MM6PRO at the moment.
> Its support feedline(hose) went out of the connector last week,
> I mean the connector between the hose and the support jet.
> It's very hard to put the connector back in the hose. I
> had to order another new hose(with connector in it of course).
> But I'm not sure if it'll go out again or not. The hose looks
> very easy to get off the connector. Does anyone out there
> who have ever met this problem before? If so, how did
> you fix it? Or how could you avoid this problem?
> Some other questions. If you have a MM6PRO(or ModelMaker II),
> how often do you use it? Does it work well(stable and accurate)?
> Any help will be very appreciated.
> Wei
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