Conspiracy of Scilence?

From: wayne l foss (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 20:16:17 EET

I've been waiting, for nearly 24 hours now, for someone to comment on
the Epson Stylus 3D. Thankyou, Ed! To me, it just dosen't look right. It
looks more like a bread maker!! I also agree that the proportions do not
look right for the build envelope. My gut feeling is that Dorjano had a
slow day and is trying to get a rise out of us. Well, he had me

It's a great idea if it is true. And once the bugs are worked out and it
can create a durable part, many of us will be looking for new
occupations - no joke! How do I get ahold of Epson to become a

Balls in your court Dorjano, show us the money!


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