Re: Conspiracy of Silence?

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Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 00:57:31 EET

To those who aren't laughing,

Maybe the issue of this being a joke is mute. The question that is more
relevant is when will "this" system be available and who will be the real
manufacturer! How long will it take to make a machine of that size and price
appear at every "corner"?

Maybe no one is laughing because everyone is waiting and wondering.

Patiently waiting.

EdGrenda wrote:

> In a message dated 98-01-20, Dorjano Baruca writes:
> Andre DOLENC wrote:
> >And, yes, you can still call RP an experiment. New technologies are still
> >entering the market and, except perhaps for the RP vendors themselves,
> >can anyone else point out the winner?
> Well! I'm ready to affirm, accordingly to Andre's opinion that automotive
> industry is
> also an experiment.
> Anyway look at attached picture of EPSON's new marvel Epson Stylus 3D.
> It's using InkJet technology to bind layers of ABS powder. It's capable to
> build
> -read carefully- a cube of 20x20x20cm in 1 hour Max. model size is
> 30x30x30cm.
> The price will be between 3000-5000 US$!
> So Andre and the other non-belivers, could you explain that ?!!
> (See attached file: Epson3d.jpg)
> Oh, yes I forget to mention this is a prototype and the date is quite
> confidential!
> Dorjano Baruca
> Technical Manager - CAD
> SRC Computers
> >>
> Hi:
> Why is it that no one has commented on this yet, besides Michael Rees? Is
> everyone dumbstruck, or is it that this is such a joke that I'm the only one
> not getting it? That's happened to me before. If it's a joke, why haven't
> the usual flock of verbal pigeons flown over and deposited a thick layer of
> statue protectant on the perpetrator?
> Sure looks like a joke to me. The picture looks a lot like an older version
> of one of Epson's laser printers (exact same proportions, different skins),
> and the cabinet is probably too small for the envelope size mentioned.
> I must say you guys in Slovenia are really plugged into what's happening, or
> are punching each other in the arm and laughing like hell.
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