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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 17:57:29 EET

Werdinius Christian wrote:

> If I have calculated a certain value for energy per areaunit, then I can
> reach this amount either by low power and long exposure time or the opposite.
> [Energy=Power*Time]
> Does it make any difference how I "get" the energyamount?
> Is there a "powerbarrier" under which no polymerisation occur at all - a
> kind of activation energy?

    That's an interesting question Christian. As I say in the book, the
phenomenon of critical exposure is an assumption of the Evans-Jacobs theory. If
the threshold of gelation depends in a more complicated way on the photopower,
that would change the theory. This is something that can and should be tested

    The guys at U Dayton, Al Lightman and Richard Chartoff et al., have done all
kinds of sophisticated analyses of the photocuring process, as have many others
around the world. Any comments from the experimentalists on this? Has this idea
already been tested?

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