From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 18:04:00 EET

When is a SLA350 not a SLA350?

Answer when you build using DOS rather than NT ( Build Station software
version 4 )

The software allows you to build in a volume of 350x350x400 in NT but the
volume extents of building
in DOS is 355.6 x 355.6 x 406.4

This equates to a 4.8% increase in build capacity.

There are other ways that build capacity/throughput can be maximised. Some
of which I know are faster but I have not fully calculated the actual
percentage saving for each stage of implementation.

There are other major changes that unfortunately means fitting of non
standard parts and do not comply with maintenance arrangements with 3D.

However there have been claims of a 30% increase in build
capacity/throughput that does imply service could be better.

Jan Andrzejewski
RP Operations Manager
Technology Centre
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0PB

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