Workshop on Rapid Prototyping & Tooling

From: Vijay P Bapat (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 17:39:13 EET

To all RPiers

        Due to the some of the queries I received concerning the
registration for the three day workshop being held at the Indian Institute
of Technology on Rapid Prototyping and Tooling; I am sending herewith two
files giving the essential details about the seminar

With Regards



The registration details for the workshop on rapid prototyping is as

1] Registartion fee per participant US$ 200.00

2] Charges for setting up a stall for US$ 1200.00
        three days & a time slot for
        presentation during the proceedings
        (this includes free registration for
         three participants.)

3] Main sponsors for the workshop US$ 1500.00
        (this includes a newspaper
         advertisement as the official sponsors
         for the workshop along with the
         organisation name and contact number
         a slot for presentation and free
         registration for three participants.)

Dear sir/ madam:
    Subject: Workshop on Rapid Prototyping & Tooling (RP&T)

    We are pleased to inform you that we have scheduled a "3 Day
Workshop on Rapid Prototyping & Tooling (RP&T)" at Industrial
Design Centre of IIT Bombay during February 6-8, 1998. The
outline of this workshop is as follows:

- February 6, 1998: Rapid Prototyping
                      Introduction to RP technologies, its
                      impact on time compression of product
                      development, presentations on various RP

- February 7, 1998: CAD/CAM/CAE Software for RP&T
                      Solid modeling software, file formats for
                      RP, RP software for slicing, orientation
                      determination etc., presentation of popular
                      CAD/CAM/CAE packages.

- February 8, 1998: Rapid Tooling
                      Manufacture of tools and patterns rapidly
                      using RP processes, various routes to
                      manufacture of tools rapidly from the
                      conventional Rapid Prototypes such as
                      electro-forming, metal spraying etc.,
                      presentations on popular RT technologies.

    We had conducted two such workshops earlier which had over-
whelming response from the industries across the country. We are
organizing it this time in a grander manner and on a larger scale.

    I have given the details of this workshop below. This is a
special request to you, the ex-IDC'an, from Prof. V.P. Bapat and
and me to see that the intimation of this workshop reaches all
concerned people in your organization so that as many of you and
your colleagues attend it.

    You will find that this technology of RP&T is going to revo-
lutionize the future manufacturing which is characterised by its
agility and its ability to support mass cutomization economically.
Please join and help us in disseminating this knowledge in Indian

    With many thanks and warm regards,

                                         Yours sincerely,




                        FEBRUARY 6-8, 1998


Rapid Prototyping Cell (RPCell) located in the Industrial Design
Centre of IIT Bombay was established in 1995 as part of the
Technology Development Missions on Integrated Design and
Competitive Manufacture, sponsored by the Govt. of India and an
industry consortium. The facility comprises a Stratasys FDM 1650
RP machine, two Silicon Graphics Indy R5000 workstations and
relevant CAD/CAM software for design, analysis and manufacture
of discrete products and the tooling.

The RPCell facilities are currently utilized for technology
demonstrations, industry projects and research. Coupled with the
existing facilities in IDC and the experience of the faculty
members in design consultancy to over 500 companies, RPCell can
now offer complete solutions integrating concept design, stress
analysis, assembly modeling, prototyping, tool design, tool
fabrication and process optimization.

An inter-disciplinary team of faculty members from Industrial
Design, Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy is currently
engaged in various research and development projects. These
include techniques for producing soft tooling, tool design
software and optimization of RP process. These projects aim to
explore and exploit the RP&T technologies for the benefit of the
Indian industry.


The first Rapid Prototyping (RP) machine was introduced in 1989
as a designer's visualization tool. In less than ten years, RP
technologies have revolutionized the way consumer products are
designed and manufactured. Recent developments in Rapid Tooling
(RT) techniques have demonstrated ways to manufacture die and
mould cavities faster and cheaper justifying the use of casting
and moulding processes even for small lot production. By
realizing the components layer-by-layer, RP techniques enable
the manufacture of complex shapes to be produced directly from
their computer models within a few hours; no part-specific
tooling or machining is required.

Several RP technologies are now available. These include

Stereolithography (SLA),
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM),
Solid Ground Curing (SGC),
Laminated Object Manufacture (LOM),
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS),
3D Printing (3DP) and

These produce models in a variety of materials. These rapid
prototypes can be used as masters for copy milling; and patterns
for sand casting, epoxy shell moulding, silicon rubber moulding or
investment casting. Other routes to obtain tooling from the rapid
prototypes such as metal spray and electroforming also are

Rapid prototypes are useful for concept verification,
performance testing, stress analysis, wind tunnel testing,
assembly interference checks, artificial limbs, market research
and tender offers. A rapidly growing number of companies
worldwide have dramatically reduced the concept to market lead
time, slashed overall costs and improved the quality assurance
by integrating rapid prototyping and tooling techniques into
their design and manufacturing operation.


The present Workshop on Rapid Prototyping & Tooling is to
disseminate the latest developments in Rapid Ptototyping
&Tooling technologies and demonstrate their applications to
various sectors of Indian industry. It will be conducted by a
team of experts from IITs and executives from leading RP&T
companies. It is designed for senior executives, product
managers, R&D personnel and consultants in the automobile,
consumer, defense, engineering, medical, sports and
entertainment sectors and tooling companies catering to casting,
molding and sheet metal forming processes.

Participants will get a first hand exposure to various RP&T
techniques, different routes to rapid production of tooling and
supporting technologies such as solid modelling. Industry
presentations will provide an appreciation of technology
capabilities, limitations and applications. Course material
will provide all the necessary details and further references.
This Workshop will be held at Industrial Design Centre of IIT
Bombay, Powai, during February 6-8, 1998 from 9:00AM to 5:30PM.
The schedule is as follows:

Feb. 6: Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Feb. 7: CAD/CAM/CAE Software for RP&T

Feb. 8: Rapid Tooling Technologies.

Each day will begin with lectures on state-of-the-arts in the
respective topic by experts followed by a panel discussion and
presentations by the vendors.


Interested participants may register for the workshop by
completing and mailing the form to the Convenor along with a demand draft
of Rs. 5,000 (US$200 in case of international participants) as the
registration fee. The fee covers admission to all lecture sessions and
demos, course material, lunch and tea. If the participants need
accomodation in our Guest House, they must contact early so that we shall
try for the same. However, the availability is not guaranteed. We
shall intimate the participants if Guest House is available; otherwise,
they shall make their own arrangements.

Organizations that sponsor 10 or more participants will be given
20% discount in registration fee. Please send your registration
form along with the fee preferably on or before Jan. 31, 1998.

Stalls can also be booked (8ft.x 8ft., power source of 230V will be
provided) at a cost of Rs.20,000 (US$1,200 for international
participants), where participants can display their products. They will
also be allotted a time slot to present a seminar on their technology
during the proceedings.

Advance registration may be made through email as well. Direct
registration is also possible at the venue of the workshop.


Please contact the following faculty members or RPCell for
more information:

Name Phone Email

K.P. Karunakaran 091-22-576 7530
V.P. Bapat 091-22-576 7819
B. Ravi 091-22-576 7510

RPCell 091-22-578 2545
                       ext. 7832

Fax : 091-22-576 7803
      091-22-578 3480



                     FEBRUARY 6-8, 1998

  Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076






CITY and PIN :



Enclosed a Draft / Cheque for Rs.5,000 (US$200/ in case of international
participants) in favour of the
Registrar, IIT Bombay:





Mail the form before January 31, 1998 to:

Convener, RP&T Workshop RPCell, Industrial Design Centre Indian
Institute of Technology Bombay Powai, MUMBAI - 400 076
Fax : 091-22-576 7803
      091-22-578 3480

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