SLA laser returning to rest

Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 06:54:17 EET

Hello all,

Watching our SLA500s build similar parts (with different build styles --
weave & ACES), it was noticed that in the ACES build the laser returned
to the rest position many times during the scanning process. Not just
when changing from border to hatch. The weave style did not. We were
wondering about this and developed a theory that since ACES style has
many more hatch vectors than the weave, could the laser be running
faster than the controller CPU (a P100)? That is, is calculating the
vectors taking so much time that the laser runs out of instructions
before the next "chunk" is ready? Has anyone noticed this or am I
crazy? If I'm not crazy, has anyone upgraded their CPU and made this
phenomenon go away (which would validate the theory)?

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