Re: Joining & Removing From List (bounced2)

From: Seppo J Niemi (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 13:26:38 EET

Rapid Dude writes:

> Yakov Horenstein writes:
> >
> > we do this here? If I were administrator of this list I would also put the
> > list's address in the reply to: field, and not the sender's.
> annoying little feature sometimes). And what comes to 'Reply-To:' field -
> we'll think about it.

No, we won't even think about it ;-)

If the Reply-To -header pointed to the list itself, it would very soon
blow our mailboxes to our faces. The problem is mainly caused by
automated mail reply systems (e.g. vacation) and incorrectly
configured mailers who sent error messages to the wrong address.

Just imagine one single recipient whose mailer, for one reason or
another, would send an automatic reply or error message back to the
list. This would mean that each message on the list would very soon
generate another and that, in turn, would generate another and so
on. Things like that are known have happened in the past but very few
people have survived to tell the tale...

Adding subscription information after each message on the list is
another matter. Perhaps even better would be to add a URL to a page
with subscription and other informatioin regarding The List. We'll
think about that.


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